“Great brand is a story that’s never completely told.”
Scott Bedbury

“Great brand is a story that’s never completely told.” Scott Bedbury

At Brandtellers Studio, we work in all  key areas of marketing and digital communication, always focused within a strategic context of Transmedia Storytelling.

Our process is developed through a methodology that starts in the strategy, it goes through creative thinking, implementation and mediation of results.

We believe that the integration of all these marketing and communication processes is essential for the life of the brands we work with.


We are a specialized agency in activating brands through transmedia storytelling strategies.

Brands can no longer play a merely commercial role in their relationship with people.

The consumer connected to a traditional relationship of an economic value exchange, gave way to a necessity for a more emotional, inter-helping relationship, in a constant exchange of value between the brand and people.

People are brands and brands should be like people, they should reflect values, positions, human attitudes, because this is the only way to be able to remain in the ecosystem of personal relationships.

Today the human being no longer consumes a brand just by the status it gives or by the functionality of its product. He values ​​the other side of the brand, the brand’s concern for its welfare and social well-being.

For this, it has become essential to create narratives by brands, whether factual or fictional, as we see ourselves reviewed through the messages and values ​​transmitted by stories, which is an effective way to develop content that gets people´s attention.

Stories allied to the best technology provides us, allow any brand to interact with its audience in a completely impressive way.

This is where the storytelling transmedia strategy makes sense in the lives of brands and people!

The goal of this strategy is to develop an experience of entertainment and consumption of contents in the audience, allowing them to participate in the creation of new content in a coordinated and unified way.

Each medium gives its contribution to the development of the narrative, which can be a person or a brand.

The storytelling transmedia strategy enables people to engage with the history of the brand by using the most varied media available and allowing everyone who interacts with our content to achieve a differentiating experience.

In this process, narratives have the role of creating connections that go beyond the functional factor, getting to an emotional stage. The connection between our message and the intimacy of those who receive it, will allow its easy understanding and memorization, since it can “stir” with our emotions and values.

All platforms that allow the point of contact with people and allow them a differentiated experience, whether or not they are web users, are essential for this new brand culture.

At Brandtellers Studio we believe that a good story, when transmitted through the right media, can change a person, a brand or even the world!

To be successful these days, you have to master customer service and strategy.

And our team does just that: To help you achieve your business goals and build on creative insights and metrics, we provide strategic recommendations, select the channels where your brand should be, and measure campaign effectiveness.
From writers to programmers to a photo studio and video crew, our creative and strategist department is all under one roof.

We believe technology can solve the real problems of your business by providing new experiences that drive its growth.

At Brandtellers we integrate all areas – creativity, design, user experience and technology – into every project, from start to finish.

We design mobile applications, websites and online stores for all devices and operating systems, based on the entire digital ecosystem of brands and a rigorous usability strategy.

In all the projects we develop, we integrate the actual feedback from the users, collect data and optimize the final platform based on new analysis, including search engine optimization (SEO – Search Engine Optimization), analysis of visitor behavior on the website and usability testing.

Brands and consumers are closer than ever before, which allows us to hear, understand and analyze what consumers are saying about your brand.

A smart strategy starts with a thorough review of social networks where your brand is present – from what your competitors are doing to what your consumer really wants. After evaluating, let’s identify the opportunities to highlight your brand online.

We develop social media strategies, produce content, create conversations, develop applications, analyze and monitor results on a variety of platforms, such as social networks, blogs, broadcast platforms, influencers.

In the last few decades advertising has been the driving force behind the growth of the commercial sector, and effective advertising campaigns are imperative for brands to grow. But creating ads is not enough. Instead of waiting for your customers to act on isolated communications, you need to create campaigns that speak directly to the audience, understanding what they need right now, and influencing them throughout the buying decision process.

At Brandtellers Studio, we help brands creating online advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness and demand for their products.

From the account manager to the designer to the online advertising specialist, our team works side by side to ensure that creative concepts and messages are aligned with the strategic vision of brands.

We plan and develop advertising campaigns on social networks Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and on the search engines, especially Google, from which we received the status of Google Partner, a Google certification that highlights the efficient management of online advertising campaigns.

Marketing · Advertising · Websites · eCommerce · Social Media · Branding
Marketing · Advertising · Websites · eCommerce · Social Media · Branding